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  • No. We are not crazy. We've been doing this for years and never thought to let anyone know. At least not so bluntly. Our clinic specializes in curing low back pain, not in managing it and keeping people coming back for never ending maintenance care. Having suffered from low back pain myself, I (Dr. Parenteau) know how we can feel controlled by pain and see our freedom diminish. It is very easy for healthcare professionals to capitalize on someone in pain. Drug companies do this and it is obvious to us that it is wrong. Very wrong. What a healthcare professional should be doing is curing the problem, not capitalizing on it for the remainder of a patient's lifespan. "How do you get rid of patients?" We make them pain free. Without pain, people don't come to our clinic. Nor should they. We have a growing list of testimonials of people who have "tried everything" and never gotten better until they came to us. They kept going to different practitioners hoping they would be cured. Instead they only got "managed." "So what's so special about you that you 'cure' them?" Very simply, we tell them they can be independent from care. And then we teach them to be. It is against the instincts of any business to work themselves out of a job. But we do exactly that. People do need our services. But not forever. An emergency room does not keep you once you're better. Nor should they. Once the patient is better, they are taught the corrective exercises, ergonomic adjustments and activity modification (or cessation) that they need in order to live pain free. Most low back pain is not a mysterious ailment that lasts a lifetime. Unless you are unwilling to take charge and make the changes necessary to correct the problem. Many practitioners could set people free if their goal was to do so. Ours is that very goal. "That sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Don't SOME back patients need on-going care?" All back patients need on going care. But what if that care was their altered lifestyle. You don't eat healthy just once, but as a lifestyle. Very few patients need on going care. Sure, some do. Often these patients have had a re-injury or they've been too busy to do their exercises. We welcome them back so they can "get back on the horse." If you want to overcome your low back pain. Let us know...  
  • http://youtu.be/gzxE4o2GvYI
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